New Dog-Centered Marketing Business Book Poised To Evolve The Advertising Industry

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ATLANTA (April 1, 2017) – Having mastered the art of human-centered marketing, Brian Easter, co-founder of Atlanta-based agency Nebo, has decided to push the advertising industry to the natural next step in the branding life cycle.

Coming from Lincoln & Martin Press (July 2017), “Dog-Centered Marketing: Sit, Stay, Speak and Buy!” by Brian Easter.

“Anyone who knows me, knows that the only thing I love more than marketing is dogs. For the 13 years I’ve run Nebo, we’ve had dogs in the office every day,” said Easter. “A few months back, we were right in the middle of concepting a new campaign for one of our clients when my dog, Cami, ran up to the whiteboard and smudged one of the ideas with her nose. Her new smudged idea was simply brilliant, and like a lightning bolt, it just hit me. THIS is how we should be marketing.”

“It’s about marketing to dogs. As dogs. With dogs,” continues Easter.

From the finer points of the canine-human, cross-species buyer journey to a step-by-step view into the persistent, scent-based mindset of dogs, dog-centered marketing is poised to change advertising as we know it.

“While I’m incredibly proud of the agency we’ve built, I couldn’t be more excited for where this new dog-centric approach will take us in the years to come,” said Easter.

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About Nebo:
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