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Paid Media

If you're not adding value at every step of the buyer journey, you're missing out. 

It’s easy to treat paid media like a vending machine — to blindly toss money into campaigns and expect conversions to come tumbling out. But paid media is much more than a direct response medium. Ignoring the way it interacts with the buyer journey is a lost opportunity.

We live in a multi-device, multi-medium, offline and online convergent world. Users view content on laptops, desktops, tablets and phones. They see ads in their search results, their blogs, their email, their Facebook newsfeeds and inside their apps.

The modern buyer journey is infinitely complicated. It’s not as simple as seeing an ad and purchasing — today’s consumers look for brands that engage, they seek expert opinions, they consult with their social groups. If you’re not removing obstacles and adding value at every stop along the way, you’re missing out on golden opportunities to form lasting relationships with your users; relationships that go beyond a single purchase.


Services and Specialties

  • Media Planning & Strategy Development Media Planning & Strategy Development
  • Media Buying & Optimization Media Buying & Optimization
  • Performance Marketing Performance Marketing
  • Direct Response Direct Response
  • Branding & Awareness Branding & Awareness
  • Multi-Locational Multi-Locational
  • Geo/Hyper Local Geo/Hyper Local
  • International & Multi-lingual International & Multi-lingual
  • Ad Creative Ad Creative
  • Landing Page Creation & Strategy Landing Page Creation & Strategy
  • Campaign Measurement & Reporting Campaign Measurement & Reporting
  • Buyer Journey Optimization Buyer Journey Optimization
  • Multi-Device & Multi-Screen Multi-Device & Multi-Screen
  • UXO (A/B, Multivariate) UXO (A/B, Multivariate)