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Igniting Fan Passion Through Design

Connect with TCM’s passionate film fans online.
Designed custom illustrations, artwork, and infographics to use across digital channels.
More Impressions. More shares. More online conversations.

Using Design to Engage a Social Audience

Turner Classic Movies is a two-time Peabody Award-Winning network that presents great films, uncut and commercial-free.

Brand & Audience Insights

Currently viewed in more than 85 million homes, TCM has an engaged and passionate audience. Rather than be complacent with their network success, TCM has evolved over the years into a lifestyle brand. Consumers now come to them for DVDs of their favorite classics, special edition box sets and a growing amount of network merchandise.

In 2001, they launched their annual TCM Classic Cruise, where vacationers can watch some of their favorite films, hear behind-the-scenes stories and speak with the actors and talent who brought them to life. And in 2015, they stood poised to launch the newest segment of their expansion, the TCM Wine Club.

Due to the varied assets they offer their viewers, they have a solid foundation of brand loyalty and an ever-growing and enthusiastic social media audience. Despite their position, TCM was struggling to connect with fans online. They lacked the internal resources to create high-caliber design pieces that would captivate their followers and better tell their brand story.

TCM needed a creative partner to help them produce compelling visual content and further engage their social media audience across relevant channels.

Solving the Problem

Nebo used custom illustrations, artwork and infographics to bring TCM's social strategy to life through design. We worked closely with TCM on various network campaigns, adding visual appeal to help better promote the campaigns over social media.

For their Summer Under the Stars campaign, we created 31 illustrations to highlight the actors featured during the month-long event, and the visuals encouraged followers to start conversations about their own memories surrounding their favorite classic films.

TCM's Spotlight on Trailblazing Women generated an opportunity for us to create graphics celebrating women filmmakers and those who have created successful careers for themselves in a male-populated field. And when TCM geared up to launch their Wine Club, we created graphics showcasing wine and movie pairings to promote the launch via Facebook and Twitter.


Nebo's illustrations have led to an increase in engagements from TCM's enthusiastic and active online audience.

Key results include:

  • The Summer Under the Stars campaign generated more than 1.5 million social impressions in the 31 days of the event.
  • The graphics created for Summer Under the Stars started more than 3,000 online conversations and were shared more than 5,600 times.
  • The illustrations for the Trailblazing Women campaign generated more than 340,000 impressions and were shared more than 1,300 times in the first two weeks of the event.
  • TCM was able to establish ties with new fans and continued to build relationships with long-time viewers via Facebook and Twitter.

The Bottom Line

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Social Engagement

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