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Offering a robust number of merchant payment acceptance solutions and services, TSYS makes it possible for people around the world to safely and conveniently process electronic payments.


41 million times each day, TSYS processes payments for people and businesses around the world. TSYS prides itself on putting people, not money, first when it comes to payments. However, the company realized that their user interface for mobile and desktop for their Credit Care product was no longer people friendly.

Designed back in 2000, the system had become outdated, with overly complicated design, duplicate content, confusing language and many other issues that hampered user experience for bank customers. TSYS needed ensure that people still came first when it came to their technology and their systems.


Nebo collaborated with TSYS to create a more friendly online experience for the customers using their credit card portal. Our user experience team conducted in-depth research with a broad mix of bank customers to identify key tasks and uncover insights. We worked to understand their life goals, experience goals and end goals.

Finding ways to streamline process and make the experience world class. From there, Nebo redesigned the entire frontend experience for mobile, tablet & desktop.

  • Conducted qualitative customer research to uncover insights into the desktop and mobile banking processes. 
  • Created personas that documented life goals, experience goals and end goals
  • Improved processes for infrequent banking tasks that consumers found daunting
  • Designed the architecture of the responsive design experience based upon user insight into the mobile experience
  • Conducted in-person usability testing across devices & platforms.
  • Created digital styleguides & standards to help shape future TSYS web apps
  • Redesigned the entire user experience for Credit Card customers, bank and system administrators. 
  • Coded & delivered browser-tested responsive HTML for backend implementation

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