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As the only national not-for-profit organization supporting more than 100 types of arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation came to Nebo with a problem.

Their hard-to-use site management system no longer fit their needs, especially with the demands of different national chapters sharing data and connecting with one another. And while the Arthritis Foundation had an enormous amount of content, the site was unable to output pages in a search engine friendly format. That meant their search engine rankings were suffering.


Internally, national and chapter staff had trouble sharing data and connecting with each other through their website. Each chapter had its own website and the Arthritis Foundation’s platform was not scalable for the growing organization. Externally, the Arthritis Foundation’s general audience—people looking for more information about arthritis and those wanting to become more involved with their local chapters—needed to find relevant information quicker.


Nebo created a new custom content management system that was both user and search engine friendly. Our SEO team also revisited the Arthritis Foundation’s keyword strategy and implemented SEO best practices throughout its web properties. We also assisted in integrating the foundation’s flagship site with third party CRM and fundraising tools, as well as creating a single sign-on system to simplify the end user experience when moving between vendor-hosted sites.


Within a year, the Arthritis Foundation's monthly organic traffic increased by 500%, while their keyword footprint more than doubled. Pay-per-click cost per conversion decreased 93% and the PPC conversion rate increased by 1000%. The new site also allowed hundreds of individual chapters and thousands of corporate staff unprecedented levels of control and flexibility. They can now easily manage content, user permissions, and templates across 20,000 pages.

The Bottom Line

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