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Removing UX/UI Friction to Drive Conversions

Talend’s website users couldn’t find the right products and content for their needs, negatively impacting lead generation.
Nebo rethought the UX/UI and core design language while creating new layouts for key landing pages.
Our iterative approach brought ease and utility to Talend’s audience, with growth in key online conversions proving our success.

From a Sales Slump to a Success Story

What do companies like Dominos, Air France, and Groupon have in common? They, along with over a hundred of the world’s biggest brands, are reshaping their businesses with Talend.

But it wasn’t always this way. 

Let’s take it back to 2016 when Talend approached Nebo to help improve user experience and website conversion rates. They had created breakthrough data integration software that would change the way businesses operated. And they were not alone. The competition was fiercer than Joe the Tiger King in his prime. 

That's where we came in to deliver a critical competitive advantage.  

Talend has a variety of products available — some free and open-source and others eventually cloud-focused. We quickly learned that the vast offerings were causing heads to spin. The website didn't make it easy for users to find the right products for their unique needs. Generating traffic was not an issue. Driving conversions was. 

We changed core design language to focus on visual clarity for actions, which included button hierarchy and clear linking styles throughout the website.

We also restructured the information architecture to accommodate user-first patterns, changing the way products are brought to market on the website, increasing product page views, and decreasing page churn. Not leaving any friction on the table, our team developed new layouts for key landing pages, reducing the repetition of content. 

After all of this, conversation rates weren’t so elusive anymore.  

Talend’s growth accelerated while working with Nebo. The success led to an initial public offering (IPO) in 2016, showing that it’s not enough to have incredible products and solutions. You also have to give users an exceptional experience.

The ongoing partnership led to more success. Noted in the 2019 earnings report, quarterly revenue rose by 20% year-over-year (YoY). Annual recurring revenue (ARR) improved 23% on an actual and constant currency basis YoY. And Cloud ARR skyrocketed 179% on an actual and constant currency basis YoY.

The Bottom Line

increase in product page conversion rates
new product registration starts
increase in key gated resource downloads

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