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The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), a nonprofit promoting Georgia as a technology leader, had experienced explosive growth since 2007.


As such, their website was no longer adequate for their needs. Years of new content had been added without any sort of redesign, and the site didn't take into account the addition of many new chapters as the organization expanded regionally.

It was obvious to TAG that their website design needed to be refreshed, but they weren’t about to accept just any design; as a tech-focused organization, they saw their website as a reflection on them as an organization. They didn’t have a big library of photography, and stock imagery would have diluted their brand. It was up to Nebo to find an alternative and create a brand new website with a fresh feel that facilitated the organization’s rapid growth.


Nebo implemented a complete design overhaul, building a site on our proprietary content management system, which allowed TAG to easily upload and edit site copy. By using our CMS, TAG was able to take control of the content on their site. We established a new, consistent design language for all of the content on the site with custom graphics and crisp look and feel across the board.

TAG had a few specific goals in mind: easier access to the large amount of information on their site, increased member signup and time on site (signup happens on the national level), resolution to the issue of mobile access to the site and a way to promote the right event at the right time while reducing the number of emails a member will receive in a month.

To create a website that did all this while also addressing the design issues, we:

  • Built a responsive site framework that adjusted and prioritized content based on browser screen size (i.e. cell phone, tablet, desktop)
  • Resolved the issue of using neither custom photography nor copious stock imagery by designing graphics and iconography throughout the site
  • Created a live event feed that updates automatically and prioritized this on the homepage
  • Reorganized information architecture to make content easy to find and access

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