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Shaping an Iconic Brand’s Mobile Shopping Experience

Spanx, a leading brand of shapewear, wanted to see a 30% lift in mobile shopping orders.
We analyzed all areas of the mobile shopping experience to uncover gaps and identify specific areas for improvement.
Nebo gave Spanx a tactical roadmap with clearly defined upgrades they could implement to improve the shopping experience immediately.

Aligning Function and Form

Spanx approached Nebo with a desire to increase mobile purchases by 30%. They were in the midst of expanding product offerings and brand positioning to go beyond shapewear, which meant their mobile and desktop shopping experience needed to be as smooth as possible.

Solving the Problem

We worked with Spanx’s internal engineering, design and content teams to understand background, future plans and capabilities so we could right-size our recommendations.

To understand the situation better, we evaluated Spanx’s shopping experience on mobile and desktop, along with experiences of industry peers. Our team also relied heavily on user research, including heatmapping, session recording and customer feedback tools. Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data with usability best practices, Nebo assembled an extensive tactical plan with specific, implementable improvements for

  • Better defined CTAs from a visual standpoint sitewide 
  • Removed ambiguity in navigation design elements 
  • Improved product pages from the ground up: made product specs easier to find, added clarity around sizing and shape level, displayed color selection more prominently
  • Created a seamless checkout experience and optimized forms
  • Made image selections more helpful with zoom feature


Nebo equipped Spanx with the tools they needed to accentuate their mobile shopping experience in all the right places. We brought blind spots to their attention, helped them reach consensus among stakeholders and defined additional areas for improvement from a technical standpoint. 

You can see Nebo’s recommendations on today, with more updates likely to roll out in the future.

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