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Sharp USA is a global provider of home entertainment systems.


Sharp had an innovative line of LED TVs but decreased visibility, as it had been replaced by retailers in search results. They needed to educate people about their products and increase visibility to reclaim their top spot. In an effort to increase organic traffic, Nebo first conducted audience research.
We found that, for Sharp customers, one of the most important aspects of the buying cycle is the research phase, since many of the brand's products are large-ticket items. The campaign would need to alleviate concerns and anxieties associated with consideration of a large purchase, as well as overtake retailers in organic ranking positions for branded terms.

Nebo found that, during this research phase, this target audience often turned to "frequently asked questions" pages and also reviewed online criticisms of complementary products.


Nebo's approach was designed to capture new visitors without an established brand preference in the market while effectively leveraging the existing brand authority in the digital space. The campaign aimed to capture additional visibility from these new visitors in the research, consideration and purchase phases. In crafting this campaign, we:

  • Revised website copy to specifically address target audience's concerns, acknowledge their legitimacy and communicate how Sharp products meet consumer expectations
  • Provided recommendations on how to best leverage reviews placed on to maximize SEO rankings
  • Completed thorough on-page website optimization in anticipation of television advertisements promoting new products
  • Designed website copy to also achieve proper visibility in search engines, corresponding with new search activity resulting from these initiatives


Nebo's optimization campaign delivered unprecedented results. Over the course of the first year, SEO traffic increased more than 70%. Non-branded SEO traffic increased 118.28% from the previous year.

The Bottom Line

SEO Traffic
Non-Branded SEO Traffic

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