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MAGE SOLAR USA provides turnkey solar energy solutions that make it easy for families and businesses to adopt a green lifestyle.


MAGE SOLAR USA is a subsidiary of a well-known German solar energy brand that was venturing into the burgeoning U.S. solar market. Unfortunately, their marketing efforts were lost in translation.

MAGE SOLAR's online marketing was largely managed by their German counterparts, which made it difficult to tailor their messaging to their target audience of installers and network partners.

Furthermore, beyond appealing to solar professionals, MAGE SOLAR needed to educate homeowners and businesses on their products and the potential benefits of solar energy. Consumers had heard a lot about solar energy, but with so much misinformation and confusion over savings and rebates, they understood very little about the solar category.


Nebo designed and developed a new website for MAGE SOLAR focused on attracting quality leads and educating consumers on the benefits of solar energy. Throughout the site are savings calculators that show consumers their potential benefits by entering in simple information. The site also includes a "Design Your System" feature, which, using Google Earth, allows users to lay out solar panels on their home, providing estimates on energy produced, savings and their reduced carbon footprint.

In addition to the new website, Nebo also implemented new Pay Per Click campaigns better focused on the U.S. market, driving higher quality leads and a 22% reduction in cost per conversion. For this engagement, we:

  • Designed and developed a responsive website for lead creation.
  • Implemented a multi-lingual CMS for easy content creation and updates.
  • Integrated a savings calculator to show each of the consumer verticals how much they could potentially save on their electric bill.
  • Created a "Design Your System" application, which uses Google Earth to allow consumers to design the layout of their solar panels on their actual home. In addition, the feature provides information on estimated energy produced, cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.
  • Implemented new PPC campaigns, managed placements and created contextually targeted campaigns that reached consumers throughout multiple phases of the buyer journey.
  • Built dedicated PPC landing pages focused on the target audience of installers, homeowners and commercial property owners.
  • Integrated PPC campaigns with Salesforce by tagging ad destination URLs with variables set up in the CRM, enabling MAGE SOLAR to track keywords to lead quality data.

The Bottom Line

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