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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides customers in over 180 countries with solutions and decision tools that combine public and industry specific content with advanced technology and analytics to assist them in evaluating and predicting risk and enhancing operational efficiency.

Nebo was brought on to lead the website redesign project after two previous attempts had stalled. The challenge was getting an approach that worked across internal business units, across the globe, and across a broad swath of products that ranged from advanced high-performance computing platforms to credit verification software and made-for-government identity research solutions.

A Focus on the User

We began with a round of stakeholder interviews to give the project team a firm grounding in the LexisNexis Risk Solutions culture, as well as the unique approach to products, sales, and customer engagement used by each internal business unit. Ultimately, these interviews provided the insights necessary for our team to move to the next, most critical step - the customer interviews.

By speaking to existing and prospective LexisNexis Risk Solutions customers, Nebo gained a thorough understanding of the buyer journey for different types of customer, from business challenge discovery through research to escalation and final decision-making. Critically, we discovered where customer desires matched - and didn’t match - the anticipated digital approach of the LexisNexis Risk Solutions team across the website user journey.

This resulted in the creation of personas that were used throughout the work as a safe reliable factor for decision-making, easily encapsulating the mantra that what we build should work best for your users, not necessarily for you.

Information Architecture Interactive Wireframes

The creative portion of project began with an initial Information Architecture, built to allow flexibility for each of the business units to express their individual marketing strategies while still providing a sense of cohesion and purpose for the website as a whole. Given ongoing minor internal shifts in business strategies, we left the Information Architecture complete as a living guidepost that would continue to be revised throughout the project as needed.

Interactive HTML prototyping came next, providing a visceral experience of the Information Architecture come to life, allowing for rapid decision-making on a board level and finalization of the Information Architecture, as well evaluation of how marketing strategies played out using different arrangements of similar components across disparate business units.

Eventually, these wireframes were expanded to include an international experience as well, giving a final layer of depth to a site that served different features, benefits, solutions and products depending on business challenge, industry, and geographic location.

New Brand + Atomic Design

When it came time to start design, Nebo also had the added objective of not only integrating but helping to define LexisNexis Risk Solutions new brand, with hitherto had been applied mostly to print and traditional media. As a result, we worked close with LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ internal brand and marketing teams to effectively design patterns that extended and expanded the new brand into concepts that worked across digital platforms.

As a part of this, Nebo designed the website atomically, focusing on a clear visual styleguide that allowed for the use of core elements throughout the site in an extraordinarily reusable fashion. This gave a shared cleanliness and structure to content, and provided our Sitecore development partner the ability to easily implement components that worked responsively and scaled appropriately to the different internal LexisNexis Risk Solutions marketing strategies.

Usability Testing

With so much riding on the project and such varied internal approaches, there was only one way to ensure we were making the right decisions as we progressed. Nebo undertook extensive iterative user testing, focusing on using small groups of representative users across departments to ensure that while content hierarchy may be different within different business lines, the user experience was never degraded and that both product-first and Challenger marketing strategies could be seamlessly utilized on the same site and even around common products. Critically, these testing sessions allowed for a heightened sense of comfort internally, as LexisNexis Risk Solutions were able to identify highly-matched test audiences completing tasks comfortable in wireframes and in final code, regardless of business challenge or line of service.


The Bottom Line

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