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When Holiday Inn rebrands, it’s going to affect a lot of people at their over 3,000 hotels.

For such a high profile brand, a rebranding needs to be fresh, impactful, and connect with prospective guests. But, you also have to communicate the value of the rebrand to your customers. So who did Holiday Inn call to help with their revised brand experience pages on the holidayinn.com website? Nebo.


In 2007, the Holiday Inn parent company Intercontinental Hotel Groups announced a rebranding of their properties. Their hotels were getting refreshed from top to bottom, and they needed help creating a section on their site to explain the new brand experience. To orient their audience, Holiday Inn needed to explain what’s changing, what the guest experience would be like, and why a prospective guest should choose Holiday Inn.


Nebo created the designs, Flash animation, and wrote all of the website copy in order to help communicate not only the scale of the change that was taking place (3,296 hotels across the globe were being improved), but also the benefits of staying at the new Holiday Inn.

  • Created and designed the brand experience section of their .com website.
  • Created Flash animation that communicated the scale of the changes taking place.
  • Wrote web copy that explained what changed, how the guest experience was different, and ultimately making Holiday Inn’s changes real for the audience – bringing the story and message to life.


Nebo’s work impressed Intercontinental Hotels Group so much that they have kept Nebo on retainer for the past three years to assist with other creative concepts, work with additional brands, and collaborate with their technology team.

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