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Leveraging Social Channels to Share Energy Savings Tips

Educate Georgia residents on ways to save energy
Create illustrated videos for social to share energy-savings tips
Drove engagement on social with branded, custom content

Using Illustration and Animation to Engage on Social

Founded in 1883, Georgia Power is the largest operating subsidiary of Southern Company and works to provide affordable, reliable electric power in an environmentally responsible manner.

Brand & Audience Insights

Georgia Power Company is more than power lines. They’ve made a commitment to making Georgia a better home for everyone, with a robust plan to give back in five key pillars: education, arts, civic and community engagement, health and human services, and environment.

Georgia Power Company approached Nebo to support their environment pillar and challenged us to provide a fresh perspective on how to communicate some of their core energy-savings tips with their 2.6 million customers across the state of Georgia.

Solving the Problem

Nebo analyzed Georgia Power’s programming, energy-savings tips and historical communication of these efforts. We quickly determined that Georgia Power’s social channels should be the driver in delivering this messaging to not only Georgia Power’s social community, but the entire state of Georgia.

In our analysis, we uncovered that Georgia Power had already shared their core energy savings tips on their social channels numerous times. So our biggest challenge would be ideating how to deliver the same core energy savings tips with a fresh approach.

Our social team crafted each core tip as its own narrative, complete with a mini story arch and, of course, an energy-savings tip. We developed dozens of creative briefs. Then, Nebo’s designers stepped in, taking each narrative and building custom-illustrated videos to bring each story to life. Each video was built with its end destination, social, in mind. They fit within Georgia Power’s established brand guidelines yet introduced a fresh look and feel for a message the audience may have seen before. 

Georgia Power advocates the use of programmable thermostats; they help provide families better control over their use of energy and can result in savings on your power bill. We approached this creative video by posing a quiz for our audience, challenging them to guess what uses the most energy in their home. And the answer is…

Energy-efficient LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs. So when you make the switch, you’re saving money on your energy bill month after month. We crafted an animated, illustrated story which shows the potential money you could save over the course of 5, 15, and 30 years.

The holiday season is made more festive with strings of lights both inside and outside of your home. Georgia Power promotes the use of smart timers so your lights can shine bright, only when you want them to. We designed an animated video to encourage our community to start using timers for energy savings.


Over the course of the project, we created dozens of one-of-a-kind illustrations and video animations which were integrated into Georgia Power's social feeds. These videos drove engagement and website visits and succeeded in our goal of helping to inform consumers about ways they can improve energy savings in their own homes.  

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