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Copart Direct takes the frustration out of selling your car with a fast and easy service.


For the first time in 21 years, Copart Direct was feeling the pressure from increased competition and low brand loyalty. Copart Direct needed to de-position Craigslist and other competitors as the easiest way to sell a car with a user-friendly, mobile-friendly site and increased awareness through paid media. With a short deadline, Nebo was ready to answer the call.


Nebo conducted in-depth research, including hundreds of thousands of mentions on social media outlets, and worked with Copart to determine key audience segments. After honing in on the unique selling point of Copart Direct and defining a target audience of customers selling cars model year 2000 or newer without a lien, we set out carefully crafting a complementary site and paid search campaign with resounding success.

Overall site revenue doubled within three months of launching PPC efforts. Mobile campaigns achieved a 23% click to call rate and 31% overall conversion rate. Overall conversion rate increased by over 66% at a cost per conversion 25% lower than the campaign goal. This was accomplished by:

  • Designing and developing a fully responsive site that rearranges content in dynamic layouts to fit the dimensions of any device
  • Emphasizing convenience and speed in site design
  • Integrating Analytics and AdWords tracking with PPC campaigns to identify the target audience users
  • Constructing expansive search, display and YouTube campaigns based on 10,000+ keywords
  • Showing users highly tailored versions of the site based on parameters such as PPC campaign and medium
  • Dynamically displaying phone numbers, allowing phone calls to be tied to quality of lead and revenue generated
  • Tailoring ad campaigns to maximize high-value times of day
  • Implementing geo-targeting with hyper-targeted ad copy to reach consumers searching for car buyers in their area

The Bottom Line

Calls Per Month
Campaign Conversion Rate
Site Revenue Increase

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