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Bluefin is a leading provider of secure, integrated payment solutions for Independent Software Vendors and SaaS providers, but in a marketplace where big names like PayPal and dominate consumer mindshare, Bluefin needed a way to differentiate their services and become the number one resource for secure payment solutions.


To this end, Bluefin had very specific goals for their search engine optimization efforts. They wanted to improve organic traffic for services related to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), educate these ISVs about Bluefin's benefits and ultimately increase qualified leads.

Nebo began by conducting audience and industry research to develop a comprehensive strategy to capture additional visibility and reach new visitors in the research, consideration and purchase phases of the buying cycle. The target market for these strategies was twofold: new visitors without an established brand preference in the market and users currently utilizing an outside solution (like PayPal or

We learned that security was one of the primary features the target audience was interested in so our goal became to effectively communicate the benefits of Bluefin's consolidated interface, tokenization, end-to-end encryption and overall superior security to both of these audiences.


Website copy was implemented to specifically address these concerns, acknowledge their legitimacy and communicate how Bluefin's products help mitigate these security and integration concerns.

We also implemented detailed analytics conversion tracking and crafted our campaigns to be optimized for each phase of the buying cycle.

To capture users in the research phase without an established brand bias, we concentrated heavily on the Features pages as the primary assets. We delivered technical recommendations to improve crawlability and revised many of these pages to include new language optimized for the searching audience that focused on what is most important to the user.

For users in the consideration phase, Nebo developed digital PR initiatives to position the brand as an authority in the space and increase visibility. Relationships with key outlets were developed to educate subject matter experts on Bluefin's innovative approach to security and integration and position Bluefin as a leader in the industry.

For users in the buying phase, the conversion funnel on the website was optimized to improve usability and drive users to complete a Contact or Referral form. This was accomplished by establishing multiple touchpoints for users to convert, including optimized calls-to-action and copy throughout the website.


Nebo's campaigns allowed us to deliver unprecedented results for Bluefin. Over the course of the first year, Bluefin enjoyed a substantial increase in traffic and visibility through organic search.

Our biggest successes include:

  • Organic traffic increase 96.66%
  • Organic traffic to Security pages increased 519.05%
  • Organic conversions increased by over 300%
  • Conversion rate increased by over 100%

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