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Mary Grace Walsh
October 24, 2019

iOS 13’s New Privacy Features Mean Big Changes for iPhone Users and Marketers

Apple iOS 13 was released in September, and with it came a slew of new privacy features. In an era of increasing digital privacy concerns, this is great news for Apple customers. However, these changes are making major waves for digital businesses that are trying to connect with and understand their audiences.

Marketers especially will feel the effects of Sign in with Apple, enhanced location privacy settings and default tracking changes in Safari. These are likely to impact not only the collection of first-party data by businesses, but third-party user tracking for digital advertising purposes.

We’re here with a rundown of all the new privacy features Apple has to offer and how each one will affect consumers, businesses and marketers.

September 6, 2019

Transparency Is Trending: How the CCPA Will Affect the Future of Data Privacy

In 2018, GDPR shook things up for businesses around the globe. But in 2020, stronger data privacy starts right here in the USA.

Last year, California signed restrictive data privacy legislation that will transform commerce as we know it. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will require more transparency from businesses in the kinds of data they collect on their consumers — and how they choose to use it.

This change is prompted by the Facebook data breach that led to the compromise of a whopping 87 million users’ personal information. Though the GDPR and CCPA have similarities, they also have differing qualities, which means large businesses operating in both jurisdictions will need to comply with both. Businesses that are affected by the new legislation still have time to prepare before the law goes into effect in January 2020.