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Keagan Ross
Paid Media Strategist
December 8, 2022

Video is King: How to Elevate Your Social Advertising Strategy


It’s no secret that videos on social media are essential for a strong advertising strategy. With TikTok being the third-largest worldwide social network and 80% of consumers reporting that they want to see more video from businesses, it’s obvious that users are seeking more video content. With a new year upon us, marketers are asking, “How can I take on social video campaigns like a pro?” 

February 11, 2022

Let’s Get Integrated: A Guide to Paid and Traditional Media

With more and more opportunities to reach users across the web and the world, the need for integrated media campaigns has become a necessity for reaching your ideal audience. People see 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day, and users expect to see the information they want on the mediums they use. 

With so many options and channels when it comes to advertising, getting started with your media strategy can be daunting. But never fear — we’re here with everything you need to know about the many types of paid media in digital marketing and how they work together. Follow this guide, and you’ll feel like an expert in no time.