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Articles written by
Amanda Oliver
Senior Director, Business Development
January 22, 2020

Man vs. Machine: Who Will Win the Battle for Social Sentiment?

What came first: the chicken or the egg? Who reigns supreme: man or the machine man built?

The human programming of machine learning has given machines the upper hand in enabling them to think quick, think ahead and adapt to meet human standards of right or wrong. Need proof? Take a look at IBM’s Watson vs. the ultimate human champions of Jeopardy. Or read about AlphaZero’s matchup against human Grandmasters of chess. Each of these stories paints a not-so-pretty picture. Humans are doomed.

October 13, 2017

Moving the Client-Agency Relationship from “Us Against Them” to “We’re On the Same Team”

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Sometimes client-agency relationships are great – you’re on the same page with the goals you strive to achieve; you trust one another; you form genuine relationships with those mysterious people on the other side of the conference line.

But other times it’s not so rosy. Your client may question everything you deliver and you find yourself having more combative conversations than collaborative ones.

Whose fault is this? Probably both of you. But as a project manager, it’s your job to make it better.