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User Experience

While a slick, good-looking design can make for an appealing website, sacrificing user experience can sabotage all of those efforts.

For businesses heavily relying on their websites for sales and lead generation, user experience is essential. Yet, many agencies largely ignore or deemphasize the UX process.

For Nebo, user experience is equal in importance to design. In the end, users need to intuitively access your website and content with ease, engaging with your brand in the form of conversations, sales, or other interactions.

Information Architecture: Nebo either creates a new information architecture, or we review your current architecture and hone it to meet the needs of your target audience. Understanding how your information is categorized and presented to your audience is essential to building a successful website or running a search engine marketing campaign.

User Flows and Use Cases: Nebo’s user experience experts map out how users will navigate the site when completing a specific action item. Nebo helps ensure that users can complete a desired goal or task – simply, clearly, and intuitively.

Wireframe Development: Nebo builds wireframes – the architecture that defines the high-level design - by determining content, priorities, and calls-to-action. In building wireframes, Nebo helps you understand how information will be arranged and presented and how users will navigate through your site. User experience wireframes provide the framework upon which design and development build.

Design Integrity Review: Nebo’s user experience team works closely with designers to ensure that all recommendations mesh with the design. That includes consultation with the design team, reviewing copy and data platforms, preparing use cases in anticipation of development, and integrity reviews throughout the design process.

Development and Pre-Launch Integrity Review: While the website is developed, and prior to launch, Nebo’s user experience team works closely with developers to ensure that user experience best practices are embedded within the final design. By the time the website launches, it has already gone through rigorous quality assurance and user experience testing.

Mobile-friendly: Your website may work great for desktop and laptop users, but how about on mobile devices? That’s where a majority of people are now browsing. For specialized projects, Nebo ensures that the user experience for mobile devices works just as well as desktop browsers.

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Our Process


In this phase, we work with you to understand your business, the market, your audience, key messages
and goals.


This is the strategy phase, we plan the campaigns, sketch users flows, create wireframes and develop visual designs.


This is where the real fun begins. We build the site and execute our campaigns. Your project starts to
take life.


The culmination of all our hard work–and yours. We take the project live. Then we test, measure and optimize.

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