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It’s not just about the data. It’s about meeting your business objectives.

The Web Analytics Process


Every proper web analytics and CRO engagement begins by determining the business objectives of the website. We help you identify the different macro and micro conversions on your site that ultimately contribute to your bottom-line, and then define the proper value to attribute to each conversion.


Once your website’s conversions and their business values have been identified, the next step is to design a web analytics implementation that fits your needs. In order to design and implement the right solution, just a few of the items we look at are:

  • Is your site an ecommerce site?
  • Are all interactions on your site on the same domain?
  • Are all conversions able to be tracked as-is or is custom code needed?
  • What marketing efforts such as email, direct mail, print advertising, or paid search advertising are being undertaken?
  • Do visitors complete their actions across single or multiple sessions?

By carefully scrutinizing the business and technical environment, we are able to create a solution that tracks important activity, meets business objectives, and is technically well structured, because there’s nothing worse than finding out six months down the road that your web analytics platform tracked incorrectly.


Examining your web analytics once a month, or even once a week for that matter, doesn’t do justice to the amount and quality of data your website has to offer. Our regular tracking includes daily information on:

  • Sales
  • Conversions
  • Email campaign performance
  • Banner ad performance
  • Offline advertising impact
  • Mobile websites & apps
  • Video interaction and engagement
  • Social network referrals and activity


After we dive into your website’s data and identify where it should be performing better, we present our recommendations and an action plan based on what we believe will provide the greatest impact.

Once we have everyone on the same page about what is being recommended, we start experimenting. We utilize a variety of tools such as Google Website Optimizer to serve different variations of web pages to users and track which page performs best.


We believe you should be able to keep close to your website’s performance without spending all of your time digging into a web analytics platform. That’s why we make it easy by providing clear-cut monthly reports that provide insight into the behavior of your visitors and the activity surrounding your defined conversions.

Discussing these regular reports with you, we plan the ongoing refinement of the analytics implementation, the ongoing tests, and your marketing activity.

If you'd like to learn more about our analytics process, give us a ring. We'd love to hear from you. Get started.


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