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Parenting in the age of Facebook, Twitter and cell phones is hard. Zabra makes it easier. Nebo was tasked with crafting a subscription website for the start-up that would present them as not just another social monitoring tool, but a resource for parents raising kids in the digital age.


Zabra is a start-up social media tool that, unlike it’s competitors, focuses not on technology, but content. Their audience of concerned parents isn’t looking for a way to spy on their kids 24/7. They need something that helps them deal with the difficult situations that social networking can create. Zabra not only provides parents with alerts when their child is in danger, but also a library of content from leading parenting experts. Armed with a key differentiator, the service needed to make sure they stood out from the pack going to market.


Nebo designed and built a subscription service website for Zabra that focused on building and maintaining the strong bond between parent and child. The marketing side of the website features content that speaks to the benefit for families looking to foster a healthy relationship. In addition, the subscription section was developed to be easy to use for parents, and work with the Zabra application.

  • Designed and coded subscription-only site section for parents to browse content resource library, manage monitoring settings, and view current alerts, integrating each part with the Zabra API.
  • Designed logo to emphasize the products focus on strong, effective communication between parent and child.
  • Produced video that features animation and live actors that explains product benefits.
  • Interactive tour that explains the details of the product and various subscription packages.
  • Iconography for easy navigation of the site and quick explanation of features and benefits.

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