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Beatport is the global leader of the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. Founded in 2004, Beatport has grown from a small catalog of 79 electronic dance music labels to 8,000 labels with over one million tracks and sites in 7 languages.

Brand & Audience Insights

We identified a growing feeling within the professional DJ community that many sites were beginning to focus on mainstream, popular tracks, and were losing touch with the underground roots of EDM culture. Casual DJs and fans tend to mimic the professionals, and will often look to them for advice and recommendations. We needed to win over the trendsetters to secure the entire group, including budding enthusiasts who had yet to even hear of Beatport.

Besides the typical paid search objectives (drive efficient revenue), Beatport specifically tasked Nebo with generating new purchasing members. To do this, we would need to accomplish three objectives:

Raise awareness among target audience members who had never heard of Beatport.

Persuade non-purchasing users - those who would browse site content and preview music without purchasing (often pirating the music elsewhere) to buy from Beatport.

Excite idle members – those who had created accounts but whose usage and purchase habits had begun to decline or completely dropped off.


Solving The Problem

We created tightly focused AdWords campaigns covering an enormous set of keywords and phrases, including over 20 genres of EDM, spelling variations, popular artists, popular tracks, and branded phrases containing “Beatport.” These campaigns helped Beatport drive awareness and transactions by getting in front of consumers not currently using the site, as well as those who may be using the site, but not purchasing.

To increase the campaign’s presence with potential customers not actively searching for electronic dance music, we ran display ads on individually selected relevant sites and those sites deemed contextually relevant within the Google Display Network. Creating remarketing audiences and implementing remarketing ads allowed us to reach users who visited the site without registering or purchasing. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we created an advertising program that could keep pace with Beatport’s fast paced lineup of exclusive releases.

In addition to handling the management of the campaigns, our team was responsible for all creative, including those ads that ran on the Display Network and in Facebook.


Driving Search Marketing Results

Nebo’s campaigns shattered expectations. We uncovered important, previously unavailable data, created a new strategy, and provided extraordinarily thorough execution. Over the course of the campaign:

Ecommerce conversion rates from our paid media efforts have increased 23%, and outpaced the site average by 21%.

New user registration rate from paid media has increased 44%.

• Remarketing generated over 35,000 visits from users without Beatport accounts, increasing the brand’s visibility with unreached portions of the market and driving transactions.

• The cost per new user from paid media has decreased 60%.

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