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Baynote is a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions for multi-channel retailers, such as 3M, Anthropologie, Jockey and Urban Decay. Baynote needed a website that would engage C-level executives, while differentiating them from other product recommendation engines.

Brand & Audience Insights

Baynote isn’t just another product recommendation engine, but software that personalizes the entire shopping experience based on the “in-the-moment” intent of customers. Explaining this to busy C-level executives, however, would require more than just text explaining the technology, but content that was engaging and quickly explained how the software would solve their ecommerce issues.

Solving the Problem

Nebo crafted a website for Baynote that realigned their content to focus on the human side of the ecommerce experience, quickly explaining how their product would solve executive’s ecommerce woes in a more visual and practical manner.

  • The site was designed to provide information at a glance by utilizing infographics to explain how the software works, iconography to guide visitors through products and solutions, and video case studies to share success stories and support benefits.
  • The homepage uses video filmed on green screen with actors and 3D animation to engage visitors and explain the benefits of Baynote in a quick and unexpected way.
  • Created a broadcast package for Baynote’s in-house video team to create video case studies, presentations, and collateral materials.
  • Integrated with Baynote's CRM for lead tracking and nurturing.
  • Built a custom wordpress theme to enable easy content management.

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