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Paid Media

It’s easy to treat Paid Media like a vending machine -- to blindly toss money into campaigns and expect conversions to come tumbling out. But Paid Media is much more than a direct response medium. Ignoring the way it interacts with the Buyer Journey is a lost opportunity.

We live in a multi-device, multi-medium, offline and online convergent world. Users view content on laptops, desktops, tablets and phones. They see ads in their search results, their blogs, their email, their Facebook newsfeeds, and inside their apps. The modern Buyer Journey is infinitely complicated. It’s not as simple as seeing an ad and purchasing – today’s consumers look for brands that engage, they seek expert opinions, they consult with their social groups. If you’re not removing obstacles and adding value at every stop along the way, you’re missing out on golden opportunities to form lasting relationships with your users; relationships that go beyond a single purchase.

So, if you’re ready to find out how paid media can help you engage users across the entire digital Buyer Journey, Contact Us.


Campaigns / Strategy

Most agencies take the same approach to gearing up for a Paid Media campaign. They do some surface level research, set their keywords, and then launch.

Nebo does things a little differently.

The user is at the core of each of our strategies. We choose our keywords and target placements to reflect users’ goals and their progress in the Buyer Journey. We create user personas to understand the audience at a level that goes deeper than demographics and stereotypes. We look at the devices they’re using. We look for local relevancy. Then we move into qualitative and quantitative modeling to unearth your brand story and determine the best way to communicate it to users.

By the time we get to ad copy, we’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your users’ Buyer Journey and how our messaging can add value at each stage. We won’t be broadcasting a sales pitch, we’ll be communicating with real people.

To learn more about Paid Media campaigns that put the user first, talk to us.



Powerful Paid Media campaigns are a lot of work. They take diligent research and set up, then require rigorous analysis and optimization. But you’re not doing all you can until you’ve realized one thing: Creative Matters.

A great user experience doesn’t just mean ad copy that adds value, it also means ads that are clean and beautiful. It means landing pages that are well designed, easy to use, and feature a clear call to action. It means aligning the design elements of your campaign with everything you’ve learned about your audience to ensure an obstacle-free conversion funnel.

As a full-service agency, Nebo has the capabilities to make sure your users’ entire Buyer Journey is optimized, beautiful, and efficient. From display ad design, to video and engagement ads, to Conversion Rate Optimization, our Paid Media team has all the tools to make your next campaign take off.

If you’re ready to learn about the importance of creative in Paid Media, let us know.


Reporting & Analysis

They say you become what you measure. That’s just fine with us.

At Nebo, we go beyond the obvious numbers like impressions and click through rate. We walk you through our thorough, fully transparent report and help you understand how all of your marketing channels work together to serve users. We help you turn business goals into Paid Media goals, then we give actionable insights every month on how we can exceed those based on key metrics, trends, and qualitative analysis.

To top it all off, every member of our digital marketing team is Google AdWords and Analytics certified. Our Paid Media team is even (don’t laugh) Bing Certified! That means we’re uniquely qualified to turn your raw data into insights you can use.

When you’re ready to learn more about a report that really matters, let us know.

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