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Strange and Stupid Things That Agency People Do

Agency people are normal … mostly. They start their careers in marketing or advertising fresh-faced and eager. Sure, sometimes they quote Jeff Goodby at Thanksgiving, but otherwise they’re tolerable, average, all-around good people, who just want to make campaigns like the greats. And then something strange happens. Slowly, day by day, they begin to change. […]

The One Persona All Marketers Should Read This Holiday Season

My name is Betty. I’m 94. I was born in 1923, lived through the Great Depression as a young girl, and waited with bated breath as my husband fought in World War II. This had a profound effect on my life, and his. We had a good life, though. Money was tight, but we were […]

Reinventing Public Relations

The PR industry is in a state of crisis. Most in the industry don’t realize it yet, but they feel it – at least subconsciously. Time and attention are harder to earn than ever. The average client PR engagement ends far more quickly than it did even five years ago. Journalists don’t need to rely on PR […]

Our Cyborg Future: Why the Merger of Man and Machine is Inevitable

From the launch of the first BlackBerry smartphone in 2003 until sometime around 2014, in the marketing and tech industries, every year was declared “the Year of Mobile.” As marketers, we didn’t really know if or when the Year of Mobile had ended until it was suddenly, really, clearly over. Without a doubt, the Year […]

Why Marriage Equality Isn’t Enough and Why #LoveStillWins

We’re about to embark on the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling that made marriage equality possible for all. We celebrated two years ago and we’ll celebrate again this year, because this is something we celebrate every day.