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Changing Perceptions of Transit & Increasing Ridership

Redesign the digital experience to change perceptions
A human-centered approach to design that solves real-world problems
A more engaging and useable experience that delighted riders

Improving the Transit Experience 

For over a quarter of a century, MARTA has moved more than 3.5 billion people throughout Atlanta and the surrounding cities. They provide cost-effective and reliable transit, spurring economic growth, enhancing the lives of citizens and leading the way to a less congested and more connected future.

Our goal was to design a new, responsive website that would enrich user experience across device types, provide new and enhanced tools for riders, improve brand perceptions of MARTA and ultimately increase ridership.

Human- Centered Design & Simplified Navigation 

We interviewed actual MARTA riders to learn what they needed from the new website. Our interviews helped us identify different types of riders and align their needs with site functionality, content and navigation.

Real-Time Information 

During our interviews, we discovered a common problem: riders wanted easy access to real-time arrival and delay information.


We added real-time arrival information to the MARTA website, and riders can now see when trains and buses will arrive at each station.


Real-Time Alerts

To help riders plan for delays, we added delay alerts to the top of each page, separating them by bus and rail delays.

We also added a site interruptor for global messages such as inclement weather. These global messages show on each page of the site so all riders are notified of major delays or service interruptions.

Enhanced Multi-modal Trip Planning Tools 

To help riders navigate their routes, we built a mobile-friendly trip planner that integrates all regional transit partners, including surrounding county transits. Users can now enter starting and lending addresses from anywhere in the metro area to find routes, time estimates and travel modes (bus or train) to reach their destinations.

Accessibility for All

In the past, the MARTA site was not compatible with screen readers, meaning users with visual impairments had to visit a separate, text-only website. Now everyone can visit MARTA’s site with the same, screen reader-friendly code base.

Telling a Story that Inspires

To inspire people to explore the city with MARTA, we created content to show folks how they can take MARTA to fun and interesting places in Atlanta, from a food and bar tour, to how to ride your bike on MARTA, and more.



The Bottom Line

Mobile Engagement on Ridership Pages
Total Engagement

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