Return to Sender

We've dropped our change of address form at the post office, but we all know that's kind of a crap shoot.  So before you get anything back from the postman marked, "Return to Sender," you might want to write this down on a sticky note.

Our new address is:

NeboWeb, LLC

1031 Marietta Street NW

Suite B

Atlanta, GA 30318

Does it look kind of familiar?  It should.  We've only moved from Suite A to Suite B.  Before you make any cracks about moving next door, think about this.  While it may not be a huge move geographically, it's a big step for us.  We've been steadily growing for the last several years and making the move to the larger office gives us even more room to grow.  We've effectively doubled our office space with a second floor.  Plus, we now have a rooftop deck for everyone's enjoyment. 

Written by Brian Easter on January 2, 2008


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