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If you've got an e-commerce site, how much thought do really you put into creating content?   Are you guilty of simply hitting Ctrl+C and copying product information straight from the manufacturer's site and pasting it on yours?  I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure it's legal to do it.  And even if it isn't, I doubt they care.  Especially considering your site is helping them sell their product.  The big question is . . . is it good for your business to simply regurgitate the manufacturer's brochure?

I'm going to say it doesn't do you any good at all.

When we write web site copy for our e-commerce clients, we create original content for each product.  Is it more work than hitting Ctrl+C?  Sure, but our clients benefit more from original content than the written equivalent of a baby bird's first meal (That's regurgitation, folks!).  For the most part, original content will rank higher on SERPs when compared to all the sites relying on the ol' copy and paste method, because there's more substance.

All things being equal, the site with fresh, informative copy is going to outrank sites hawking the same product for two reasons.

  1. They contain the same information, but our site isn't a clone of all the other sites selling that same product.
  2. Our site simply has more words on the page and that's more room to optimize content!

The sites we produce with original content will obviously contain some, if not all, of the very same product information from the manufacturer's brochure.  That's usually the stats and product description, so it's still important.  However, by including that extra bit of info to help the customer realize why the product is right for them, or by creating a real life product scenario, our sites move beyond the product brochure.  They move beyond all those other sites, too.  Many times, we surpass even the manufacturer's site in the SERPs, because we take the time to make sure the internet searching customers get the information they're looking for and more.

Written by Brian Easter on January 18, 2008


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