It's Only Change

We find it funny that our particular industry, Search Marketing, is still viewed with a touch of mysticism by some.  It's not that intriguing, really.  Many of the SEM professionals actually originated in the more traditional roles of marketing and advertising.  Many came from the worlds of graphic design and programming.  In short, SEM is more like an old profession in a new market.

Now, we're not "old", but we're certainly not young.  We may not remember the invention of the TV, but we do remember the embracing of Cable TV.  We remember losing the rabbit ears for a brown box with red numbers.  We also remember many people dismissing Cable as a fad.  Unlike the BetaMax, Cable TV has not only survived, but thrived throughout the years.  Television has gone from 3 channels to 800.  The role of Cable TV has even changed other industries by challenging phone companies on their own turf.  Yes, we have seen change.

We have also seen the Internet change.  We have literally seen the internet crawl to its current state.  Call us speed freaks, but what did we do before broadband?  We've also seen companies come and go, live and die on the Internet.  It was only natural that marketing evolve and establish its roots on the Internet.  As more and more people came online to exchange information and ideas, it was only a matter of time before companies began to follow.  And where there are companies, there's money to be made.  And you've got to spend money to make money.  Industries all over the world evolved.

Marketing evolved, too.  Now, SEM is a worldwide practice.  Still, some look at SEM as some kind of black magic.  Some still see a shroud of secrecy wrapped around our industry.  Well, we're here to tell you there's no secret.  There are people looking to give you money for whatever it is you have to offer.  Like those before us, we simply help your customers find you. 

It's a totally different medium, so we employ totally different methods.  That much is obvious.  If the old methods worked, we wouldn't be here.  The world has been changing for years and it will keep right on changing.  The smart ones, like always, will evolve right along with it.  After all, it's only change.

Written by Brian Easter on February 29, 2008


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