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Content is king.  Or at least that's the mantra of many SEM's.  It's also accurate.  As such, the power of creating quality copy for your sites is a fairly common topic among SEO/SEM industry bloggers.  It comes up at least once a week in the forums I read and it's a valid point.  Writing optimized copy is an absolute necessity when it comes to optimizing your site.

If you don't offer your visitors anything worthwhile, why would they return to your site?  The work horse of SEO is your copy, the actual words on the page.  Without quality copy, you might as well stop the rest of your attempts at site optimization.

Sure, paid campaigns can get you to the top sponsored spots, but what good is that if you have nothing to back it up?  Not only will you never rank for the organic search terms, but those who do click through won't stay.  People want to feel like you're speaking only to them.   They want your site to read like a conversation, because most people actually envision what they're reading.  They "see" a conversation taking place as they read your copy.  It's like you're actually having a discussion.  Of course, in some cases you can have an actual discussion using Social Media Optimization (SMO), but that's a post for another day.  For now, let's focus on keeping your readers' attention by creating informative copy. 

You've got to speak to the reader by avoiding terms like "we" when discussing your products or services.  The reader doesn't want to read about how great you are.  The reader wants to read about how great you are for what they need you to do.  You've got to appeal on a personal level.  You make widgets.  Great!  Don't take an entire page to tell me about how long you've been making widgets.  Use that space to tell me how your widgets are going to make my life easier!

If done correctly, your website copy should be optimized for search engines without even trying. 

If you're honestly giving your visitors informative, compelling copy, you're giving them what they want, what they're searching for.  In the end, it'll be those words that lead the search engines, and your new clients, straight to your front door.

Written by Brian Easter on February 22, 2008


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