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We've all heard it said before, so say it with me.  When it comes to real estate, it's  . . . "location, location, location."  The same can be said for your web site.   The whole process of running a web site can easily be compared to owning a house. 

When it comes to buying property on the Search Engine Return Pages (SERPs), you want to be in the best neighborhood you can afford.  You want to locate your site in the prime real estate - the top spots.  Of course, we can't all afford a house in the hills, and the same can be said for the SERPs.  Sometimes, especially in an overly saturated market, the top spots can be kind of pricey.  So, how do you get around paying premium prices for those top spots?  The answer, my friends, is content.

Content is more like the house you can afford to buy right now.  You'll have to invest a little time and elbow grease to increase the value of your property, but when you're finished you'll have a site you can be proud to call your own.  But just like your new home, you probably won't be able to do all the work yourself.  You'll benefit just the same from the expertise of a seasoned professional on your web site as you would at your house.  So when it comes to moving your site up the rankings on the search engine results, a good copywriter is essential.

 A good copywriter, skilled in the art and science of search engine optimization, can deliver results as good as, or better than, any SEM campaign.  Of course, adding that same copywriter to your existing or planned SEM campaign will only add stability to your already solid foundation.  To continue the real estate example, you can look at SEO Copywriting as the hardwood floors throughout your SEM house.  It's fairly easy to install and it adds incredible value to the property. 

Of course, like the hardwoods in your house, your content has to be refinished from time to time.  So, make sure you keep your copywriter's phone number on the fridge, because you'll want new copy to liven up your site.

Written by Brian Easter on January 7, 2008


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