"Check out the big brain on Brad . . ."

You know the quote.  It's become a piece of our pop culture lexicon, born from the oft quoted theatrical masterpiece, Pulp Fiction.  The quote, so eloquently voiced by Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield, is now universally used to sarcastically point out stellar accomplishments or incredible acts of momentary stupidity by your peers.  That said, check out the big brain on Rashidi!

That's right.  Our very own Rashidi Barnett, Director of Online Strategy, was quoted in a recent article on a leading SEO industry resource, Search Engine Watch (SEW).  The article, Brand Strategies for Search Marketing - Part 3, by Erik Qualman, is the final installment of a 3 part discussion on the optimization of brand terms.  Erik spoke with Rashidi to gain further insight into brand strategy and the effects optimization can have on your relationship with your channel partners.

You see, most search engines have some form of rule against purchasing brand keyword terms you don't own.  Simply put, Google's not going to allow you to bid on "Neboweb" if you don't work here.  That's our brand name, buddy.  Leave it alone.  Likewise, we've got to monitor your brand keywords to ensure no one is misusing your brand to their own gain.

However, as Rashidi points out in the SEW article, you don't want to step on any toes.  Often times, it's your channel partners chomping at your heels, chasing your brand keyword terms.  Now, you've got to remember your channel partners are helping drive dollars your way.  As such, it only makes sense they be allowed to use your brand keyword terms.  However, we don't want anyone making more off your brand than you.  In those cases, the Neboweb policy is simple:  Channel partners can't secure placements above the official brand owner.

"Otherwise," Rashidi says, "it's analogous to a potential customer calling your call center directly and the operator routing the customer through your channel partner unnecessarily. You'd have to pay a commission for the lead that your brand generated in the first place. It gives you back the control to manage your brand, as well as to drive efficient conversions."  It's just good business for everyone involved.

Written by Brian Easter on December 13, 2007


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