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The first project from our venture capitalist arm, Nebo Ignite, TumblMore offers a better way for Tumblr users to consume content.

Brand & Audience Insights

In the last few years, Tumblr has exploded in popularity, allowing users to post and share anything effortlessly. Users are drawn to the variety of content available—so much so that users can very easily find themselves following hundreds or even thousands of blogs.

While casual users have no problem enjoying all of the blogs they are subscribed to through their newsfeed, the experience can be quite different for power users following upwards of a thousand blogs. There is no easy way for a power user to see daily posts from the 3,000+ blogs they follow, look up the 8,000+ notes they left on their favorite blogs, review the 11,000+ posts they liked or look up a single piece of content they viewed seven months ago.

TumblMore will help users manage this information overload by providing a more elegant way for people to follow and interact with their favorite Tumblrs. The platform will help power users keep up with their favorite blogs by providing tools to organize blogs and likes into categories and subcategories. Described as "TweetDeck for Tumblr," the site will allow users to consume and enjoy content on their own terms.

Solving the Problem

Our team was responsible for fully developing TumblMore and transforming it from a good idea into a market-ready platform. Using the Tumblr API, the web application pulls data from all of the blogs a user is subscribed to, sorts this information by user-generated categories and then displays the content on a customizable dashboard. After creating a prototype of the application, we engaged in user testing to uncover consumer habits and expectations. From there we outlined potential issues and iterated on the concept.

Tumblmore pulls in data from blogs a user subscribes to and sorts them on a customizable dashboard.

Designed for power users, the application would need to be able to manage thousands of blogs and unique categories from thousands of users. In order to deal with this major influx of data, our development team created a job queue to manage the application, optimizing the database so it would operate smoothly and quickly even when the code is parsing through hundreds of thousands of blogs.

TumblMore has to parse through thousands of categories from thousands of users while still running smoothly.

TumblMore features a simple, minimalist look. We wanted the application to feel intuitive to Tumblr users without being intrusive or detracting from content. Familiar icons, such as Notes, Reblog and Like, are displayed in the top right corner of each post, maintaining a level of consistency across Tumblr and TumblMore. From start to finish, we:

  • Engaged in user testing and market research
  • Utilized Tumblr API to aggregate subscription content
  • Designed and developed a social media dashboard application that aggregates Tumblr posts
  • Optimized the application to handle a vast amount of data

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