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Park ‘N Fly

Park ‘N Fly is the industry leader in off-airport parking. They provide busy travelers with high quality off-airport parking and loads of convenient services. They needed a new website that increased conversion rate and unified multiple disparate systems into a single user experience.

Brand & Audience Insights

Park ‘N Fly had recently relaunched their website with less than optimal results. The design of the site was stale, the user experience was inconsistent and not user-friendly, and the content management system was very difficult to use. Faced with the challenges of stiff competition in a commodity market, the difficulty of convincing people it’s easier to park with PNF instead of the airport, and having a somewhat generic name, Park ‘N Fly experienced a major drop in bookings. They needed a website that set them apart from the competition, a more user-friendly booking flow, and clear messaging that explained why parking with Park ‘N Fly is the most convenient way to park when you’re rushing to catch your flight.



Solving The Problem

For Park ‘N Fly, we took what was a very complicated system and simplified it for the benefit of the company and customers. We designed a new booking flow and interface that tied external and internal data together, a new content management system, and a unified login system for easy customer access to account management.

In addition to the new booking flow, we crafted a website that set Park ‘N Fly apart from the competition visually while boasting about the benefits of their service. Our solution included:

An icon system that explains the many additional services and amenities that Park ‘N Fly offers.

A savings calculator that shows how much travelers can potentially save versus airport parking. The calculator also suggests add-on services.

An interactive piece that explains the process of parking with Park ‘N Fly, and why it is easier and more convenient than airport parking.


While the reservation rate increased, another major result of the website redesign included an almost 100% increase in additional site engagement by visitors.

24% increase in conversion rate

96% increase in average time on site

Park ‘N Fly

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