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JJ Buckley Fine Wines

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JJ Buckley is one of the premier fine wine retailers in the U.S. and was named one of the top ten places to buy wine in Food and Wine Magazine.

Brand & Audience Insights

JJ Buckley's audience is made up of hard core wine lovers. These customers rely on JJ Buckley to get them access to hard to find wines, and rely on the JJ Buckley sales staff to help them expand their collections with new finds. The original JJ Buckley website was very transactional in nature, cluttered with content and had a less than ideal user experience. The JJ Buckley audience is also very technology-enabled. They rely on their smart phones in all aspects of their lives, but JJ Buckley wasn't providing them with an optimized mobile experience.  

Solving The Problem

Nebo focused on overhauling the existing design, navigation and information architecture of the website in order to improve the customer experience. The new site also needed to be responsive to mobile devices and provide mobile-users a unique interface specifically designed to meet their needs. 

We started by revisiting the original JJ Buckley brand identity. We needed to evolve the identity to make it feel fresh and inviting, without sacrificing their existing brand equity. We also needed to establish a visual language that would allow JJ Buckley to easily update and maintain the site using internal resources moving forward. To accomplish these goals we refined their existing logo, established a new color palette, designed a series of core ecommerce templates, and undertook a photo shoot to create a library of brand marketing images for their team to utilize moving forward. 

To make sure that mobile users received an improved experience, we analyzed which actions users were most likely to take in the context of a mobile visit and redesigned the site experience to focus on those needs. We also reworked  the site navigation to match the patterns and expectations of mobile users and their unique forms of touch-based interactions.

Overall, the site redesign has helped cement JJ Buckley Fine Wines as innovators and leaders in the online wine retailer marketplace. 

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