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As a Fortune 1000 company competing in a global marketplace, Exide Technologies has a rich 120-year history in the battery industry.

An outdated, hard to use website did not reflect their history and prestige, and they needed a new website that would put their competition on notice.


Exide is a world leader in energy storage solutions (batteries, backup power, recycling, etc.). Their old website was outdated, hard to use and lacked a unified brand voice. Exide’s different audiences presented a key challenge. Not only are industrial buyers and consumers very different, but international audiences also differed over various regions. Each audience had unique information needs that Exide’s website struggled to meet.


Since Exide has operations in over 80 countries across the globe, Nebo needed to first define a content management strategy that allowed for regional variation while also making brand communication more consistent. The next challenge was implementing the system in a way that maximized SEO results and supported the overall site strategy.

To solve this problem:

  • Nebo created a website design that would look similar across a wide range of customizations in geography, product lines, and languages. Exide’s different looking disparate websites now were combined into one sleek look and feel.
  • Nebo created a customized CMS with the ability for corporate users to centrally manage site specific global content. This system also allowed in-country resources to manage specific local content such as products and sales contacts.
  • Nebo’s CMS allowed Exide to customize its website across the world. For each region internationally, Exide’s websites not only looked consistent but also featured customized products, languages, and news.


Exide’s website information is now accessible and easy for users to find (e.g. the ability to find a retailer). The Exide team can now easily manage all website data (including products, applications, brands, technologies, etc.). Exide’s global presence is now consistent and customized across different regions, and the company’s search engine optimization and search engine marketing capabilities increased.

In the first 30 days after the site launched, organic traffic increased 73%. The contact form is now the third most popular page on the site, and the site's bounce rate is 33.84%

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