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Complete Roofing Systems

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Complete Roofing Systems is a roofing company that seeks to stand out as a paragon in an often distrusted industry. The company needed a way to let people know that they're the ones to trust.

Brand & Audience Insights

Complete Roofing wanted to reach home and commercial property owners in a way that cut through the negative perception that roofing companies are fly-by-night, unprofessional and rarely on time for appointments, as well as establish them as the authority on storm damage repair. Complete Roofing needed a completely new online presence, and Nebo had them covered.

Solving the Problem

Nebo designed an extremely action-oriented website that would replace their brochure-like original site. This involved creating a number of interactive elements to engage and inform the user as well as making it easier for them to take action. To do this was no small task as it required the creation of a website that's complexity would impress even the most skeptical.

To create a website that reached and engaged that target audience while driving them to act, we:

  • Created an animated storm tracker with the ability to see areas with hail damage in the last 12 months
  • Wrote and animated a "Storm Damage 101" video explaining the entire process, from how roofs get damaged to why users should call Complete Roofing
  • Implemented "Request an Evaluation" form calls to action on every page
  • Conducted on-page search engine optimization, including keyword research/mapping and meta title/description recommendations

Driving Search Marketing Results

In its effort to increase awareness and establish its storm damage niche, Complete Roofing needed a marketing campaign that would communicate the importance of fixing storm damage and promote the fact that they would work with insurance companies to cover the cost of repair. We started with general search network campaigns and began to focus on local intent and retargeting.

In creating marketing campaigns for search and display networks, we:

  • Tailored ad copy to targeted locations
  • Broke out top locations into separate campaigns to allocate resources most efficiently
  • Used managed placements and contextually targeted campaigns to reach the key audience on the sites they spend most of their time as well as users viewing relevant content
  • Rolled out a one-off campaign after a regional hailstorm
  • Built out remarketing campaigns that retargeted users who left the site without filling out the form
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