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Public Relations

In working to optimize our content for a multi-channel, multi-device world, it’s easy to forget that living, breathing people are at the other end of our efforts. Too many think public relations is about broadcasting their message as far and wide as they can without regard for their audience. Choosing an agency that knows better is critical.

When it comes to digital, on the one hand you have traditional PR firms that try to shoehorn an outdated, 1980’s view of PR into a digital framework. On the other, you have digital marketing firms that try to be one-stop shops and don’t really understand Public Relations to begin with.

At Nebo, we understand the confluence of these two worlds – called Digital PR. We take tried and true philosophies and apply them to what we know about modern audiences to tell your brand’s story with true impact.

So, if you’re ready to explore true Digital PR, Contact Us.


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