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Can We Get an iPhone that Solves Problems Again?

Picture it:  June 29, 2007. Steve Jobs, decked out in his patented mom jeans, released an innovative device that revolutionized the way we live and work by combining multiple things into one simple phone. Today, while Apple continues to improve on the iPhone and create new products like the Apple Watch, nothing has had the […]

Is the 2nd Screen Really the 1st Screen for Millennials?

The living room has traditionally been the hub of entertainment for as long as anyone can remember. When Americans were promised “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” back in the 1920’s, a radio in every living room would have fit perfectly in the infamous campaign slogan. By the 1950s, television […]

Umpteen Signs You’re a Marketer Suffering from Content Fatigue

“Content is king” has gone from being a cliché of SEO to the status quo of the web. And if you’re curious as to when this development became official, check out the recently redesigned website for the Coca-Cola Company. Company websites are operating less like, well, company websites, and more like publishers. In turn, marketing […]

UX IRL: The Problem with the Modern Recipe

For many of us at Nebo, it can be hard to leave our work at work. Intuitively, we apply the same human-centered approach we use for our clients to our everyday experiences. Realizing that it is futile to fight it, we’ve decided to embrace it. We’ve decided to look at everyday things and figure out […]

The Absurdity of Grey Thursday

First came Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season. Then came Cyber Monday, where consumers finally started embracing online shopping, albeit through their employers high-speed Internet connections. And now, we have the prequel nobody asked for, Grey Thursday. Many people are slamming retailers for opening their doors on one of the biggest […]