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Bragging Rights

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2010 Awards

Atlanta Marketer of the Year Awards

Communicator Awards

  • Arthritis Foundation: Gold Award of Excellence
  • Vocalocity: Silver Award of Distinction
  • Bark Prepaid Wireless: Gold Award of Excellence
  • Contec: Silver Award of Distinction
  • Carolina West Wireless: Silver Award of Distinction
  • Cardpricer: Silver Award of Distinction
  • Fouts Fire: Gold Award of Excellence
  • KBD Group: Gold Award of Excellence
  • Systino: Gold Award of Excellence

Davey Awards

  • Lund International: Silver in Manufacturing Category
  • Vocalocity: Silver in Small Budget Television Ad Category
  • Bark Mobile: Silver in Telecommunications Category

W3 Awards

  • Lund International: Silver in Automotive Category
  • Fouts Fire: Gold in Manufacturing Category


  • Arthritis Foundation: Outstanding Website Award in Non-Profit
  • Vocalocity: Best of Industry Award in Telecommunications
  • Fouts Fire: Outstanding Website Award in Manufacturing

AiMA Awards

Promotion World SEO Awards

  • NeboWeb: #1 SEO Firm in the World
  • NeboWeb: Top 10 for all Monthly Rankings for 2010

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